How It Works

The Visualign™ SpecLifter™ can be used with bifocal, trifocal and progressive lens glasses.

Place the SpecLifter on the bridge of your nose, positioning it between your nose and glasses. This will provide an instant “lift” to your glasses.

If your frames have nose pads, place the SpecLifter with the wings down. For non-padded frames, invert the SpecLifter wings. However, we suggest trying the SpecLifter both ways to find which position best suits your needs.

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Nearly Invisible When In Use

The SpecLifter Carrying Case

The convenient carrying case/stand allows you to easily take your SpecLifter with you wherever you go, including your home and office, or while traveling. Use it with your computer as well as with your portable electronic devices.

The case also doubles as a stand. Mount it to your desk or on your computer monitor for easy access and storage.


"I love my SpecLifter! No more neck and shoulder strain from lifting my head to see the computer screen. Now, I just need another one to keep at home!"

PHYLLIS K. Teaching Administration
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